Tune Up Services

Tune ups are easy to lose track of until your vehicle gets sluggish, so it’s important to establish a schedule (based your car or truck’s manufacturer guidelines). Done periodically, this improves fuel efficiency and extends engine life. But what is a tune up?

An Autotech tune up includes:

  • Checking the engine and cabin air filters
  • A PCV valve check (part of your emissions control system)
  • Checking oil and coolant levels
  • Timing adjustment, if needed
  • Spark plug inspection and performance check (and replacement, if needed)
  • Points and condenser replacement, for non-fuel-injected engines
  • Inspection of fuel system components

After a tune up, your car usually runs noticeably better, has more power, and you may notice better fuel efficiency. Are you overdue? Call now or make an appointment to get your vehicle running a like a dream again. Tune ups at Autotech also accrue discount points on your ELITE Member Discount Card, so be sure to sign up and start saving. If you don’t have the card, stop by our West Wichita store, and we’ll get you one. It’s free. Learn more.