Shocks and Struts

Neither of these components typically needs to be replaced often, depending on your typical driving conditions. The main purpose of these key parts of your suspension system is to provide a smooth ride and keep the wheels in constant contact with the road. Both shocks and struts augment your suspension springs to give you maximum road contact and better control of your vehicle. They wear out over time, and problems may emerge so gradually that you don’t notice them right away, so it’s important to have your shocks and struts checked periodically, even if they seem to be functioning fine. Here are a few warning signs that you need to have them inspected:

  • Steering feels unstable at high speeds
  • Poor steering response
  • The front of the vehicle dips when you brake
  • Too much or too little vehicle bounce
  • Excessive leaning/swaying when you turn corners
  • Your tires are unevenly worn or have flat areas
  • Fluid leakage from shocks/struts
  • Visible dents on the shocks or struts
  • Broken or corroded mounts on either component

If something feels or looks wrong with your suspension, let our ASE-certified technicians have a look. We’ll make a diagnosis, advise you of your options, and do any necessary repairs.

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