Auto Electrical Services

Automotive electrical problems aren’t as simple to track down as they used to be. Vehicle electrical systems have long consisted of a starter, an alternator and a battery, along with other wiring and components to make them work properly. But most vehicles now have sophisticated computer systems that help control electrical components. Car electrical repair is something most of us can’t do at home, but you can learn to understand the symptoms that mean you need auto electrical services.

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How Do You Know You Need Electrical Repair?

It’s often obvious when you have an electrical problem with your vehicle. Symptoms may include:

  • Vehicle will not start
  • Dashboard lights are dim or intermittent
  • Headlights darken at low speeds
  • Fuses keep blowing
  • Burning plastic or electrical insulation odors

If your vehicle doesn’t start, you may simply need a new battery, but it could also be caused by a number of other things in the system. The same is true if you hear grinding or clicking when you try to start it. Other possible causes include a bad solenoid, bad starter or a wiring problem. And even a dead battery—especially one that keeps dying—may be an indication of other problems. Starters and solenoids wear out, wiring gets old, and starter relays can stop working due to dust and overheating. If you see any of the symptoms above, give us a call, and we’ll run some tests with computerized diagnostic tools that can quickly take us to the root of the problem. Autotech’s ASE-certified technicians will give you a cost, then repair any problems we find.