Auto AC & Heater Repair

Your vehicle’s heating and air conditioning system requires periodic maintenance to prevent small problems from becoming big ones. Autotech is a full-service, one-stop AC shop for everything from annual inspections to major repairs.

It’s important to get a free cooling system inspection at least once a year to identify potential problems, and it only takes a few minutes. If we find that your system is underperforming during a routine inspection, we may recommend a deeper evaluation, including:

  • Visual inspection of blower and compressor
  • Hose and belt inspection
  • Fan level check
  • Refrigerant pressure check
  • Electrical components inspection

Whatever your AC and heating system requires, we can handle it, and we’ll do our best to save you money in the process. AC/heater service at Autotech also accrues discount points on your ELITE Member Discount Card, so be sure to sign up and start saving. If you don’t have the card, stop by our West Wichita store, and we’ll get you one. It’s free. Learn more.

Free AC Check

Our free AC check includes a detailed visual inspection of your system, followed by a temperature check at the AC vents. This process looks simple, but it tells us a lot. From there, we may send you on your way or recommend other services (see below). It’s a good idea to do this once a year, as it costs nothing and can save you money down the road. A faulty hose or fitting today can turn into a (more expensive) refrigerant charge or repair tomorrow.

Complete AC & Heater System Evaluation

If we find any sign of trouble during our basic inspection, we’ll recommend a closer check of specific system components:

  • Inspection of radiator and hoses (used to cool the refrigerant that circulates throughout the AC system; we’ll inspect it for leaks, blockages and corrosion)
  • System fan check
  • Refrigerant system pressure check
  • Compressor and blower fan evaluation
  • Inspection of belts and hoses
  • Testing of electrical components

This level of testing and inspection allows us to fully troubleshoot your vehicle’s AC performance. From there, we’ll advise you on the best course of action.

AC Recharge and AC Flush

Your vehicle’s cooling system is sealed, but over time it can leak refrigerant. When we recharge the system, we’ll also perform a complimentary inspection, to make sure no other service is needed.

AC refrigerant flushes are often accompanied by antifreeze flushes. Both chemicals break down over time and need to be “freshened” to avoid potentially expensive repairs down the road. Check your vehicle owner’s manual or give us a call to see how often these systems should be flushed.

Complete Auto AC Repair Services

Our ASE-certified technicians can do whatever it takes get your AC and heat back online. We’ll give you straight talk, charge a reasonable price, and do only what needs to be done.